LFN #40 – Freedom Cells Summit at the Mid-Continental Liberty Festival

Episode 40

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Join John Bush and Lisa Bowman of the Tulsa Freedom Cell at Mid-contentinal Liberty Fest as they present an introduction of the Freedom Cell Network with a focus on organizing and the benefits of the network for participants.

Sign up on the Freedom Cell site here and find people and cells in your area – http://freedomcells.org

Global Freedom Cell Network Group (this group) – https://t.me/joinchat/EFipEBuW7OrvTDc…

Tom Woods interviews John Bush on Freedom Cells – https://tomwoods.com/ep-1752-freedom-cells-finally-something-practical-libertarians-can-do-to-live-freer/

6th International Freedom Cells Conference Call….


Hosted by
John Bush

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns Brave Botanicals which offer high quality kratom and CBD and founded the Freedom Cell Network, a mutual aid society intended to help individuals secure their inherent sovereignty.

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