Im Friggin’ Over It Y’all… I’m Going Back to My Roots!

I am so friggin over it y’all! The roots of my activism back in the early 2000s was spreading awareness of the conspiracy to create a technocratic and dictatorial global government. As I got more into libertarianism and economics I realized that my conspiratorial views were a bit exaggerated and not everything was part of some grand conspiracy.

Well, now with COVID, im going back to my roots. The same players I studied 15+ years ago, like the Rockefellers, british royal family, and others, are leveraging the COVID plandemic to usher in their global government and “great reset”.

This time around I come equipped with more wisdom, a strong sense of purpose in that I have two beautiful children Im fighting for now, and I have a better solution besides libertarian politics or straight up truthing.

In addition to running my mouth whenever and where ever I can, we now have the Freedom Cell Network which aims to unite people in building our own version of society that is decentralized, voluntary, and will provide a means of maintaining trade, food, health, and defense as the technocracy tries to shut us out.

The gloves are off. The people of this world are being played like fools. A massive psychological warfare campaign is underway and I will do everything in my power to help break people form their spell and guide them to a better way to relate to one another. It is on like Donkey Kong!!!

Who is with me!?!?

Kudos to those already doing their part to break the matrix, especially my boy Derrick Broze who is always 100% on point in word and action.

Join us and over 5,000 people in the Freedom Cell Network.

Do your part to break the chains of deception currently enslaving the minds of the masses. As Big Tech further censors us we take to the streets like we used to back in the day passing out 9/11 truth DVDs only this time it will be jump drives.
The people are awakening.

Its a wonderful time to be alive!!!

Let’s do this!!!!!!!


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