Heed My Warning, You Better Understand the Great Reset and Learn How to Resist It!!!

The image above is what the “great reset” has in store for you. For real y’all!!!

Look, I’ve been ahead of the curve and on point with many things in my life.

I caught on to the 9/11 false flag in 02, back then with all the patriotic go get em fervor, being a truther was not easy.

Being a part of the modern the liberty movement since early on in Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign and quickly becoming dissatisfied with political activism as a means of bringing about liberty, I was an early promoter of agorism and the importance of alternative institutions.

I was speaking to the Austin City Council about Agenda 21 well before most people even knew what it was and ever further before it was was updated more recently to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

And man was I ahead of the curve on crypto. Telling everyone when BTC was around $100 to buy it up, it’s gonna be a big deal. Many people won big off of that advice.

Well now Im telling you to heed my warning. Take this seriously. This is my life’s work. I’ve been deep in to conspiracy research and how we can find more freedom for almost 20 years now. I know what the fuck I am talking about. And I am telling you right now, the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, and hardcore surveillance style authoritarianism is coming down the pike fast. It was already being rolled out all across the globe and now it has kicked in to high gear with COVID-19 happening.

Don’t think for a second that things will get back to normal after the COVID vaccine is released. There is no going back to normal for most people. Those in power want to “build back better” and reset entire economies and societies.

2030 is their goal for when for completion of the fourth industrial revolution panopticon with social credit scores, no property ownership, and total control over every form of life on this planet.

Yes, total control over every form of life on this planet. Look up Microsoft’s Planetary Computer.

The time to understand this is NOW. The time to act on this is NOW.

Trust me. This globalist effort aims to reshape everything we know about the relationship between business, government, and the people. Entire industries will be destroyed to make way for the drone, A.I., automation, robotics, virtual reality future.

This is serious people.

So study up. Learn what this means for you and your family. Your income. Your job. Your future. Your posterity.


Follow this link to better understand the mechanics of the Great Reset – https://livefreenow.show/index.php/2020/10/30/lfn-49-breaking-down-the-mechanics-of-the-oligarchs-great-reset/

Follow this link for advice on how to disrupt this agenda – https://livefreenow.show/index.php/2020/10/14/live-free-now-42-six-ways-to-disrupt-agenda-21-2030-the-great-reset-and-the-coming-technocracy/

Join over 6,000 people globally building and organizing a network of resilient and sovereign people that with resist the “great reset” and carve out free space where free people can live unmolested by the technocracy – http://freedomcells.org

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns Brave Botanicals which offer high quality kratom and CBD and founded the Freedom Cell Network, a mutual aid society intended to help individuals secure their inherent sovereignty.

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