Announcing the Greater Reset Activation!!!

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On this New Year’s Eve I want to invite you to participate in the upcoming Greater Reset Activation.

Derrick Broze and I along with other activists and influencers are putting together this effort as a counter to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

The launch of the Greater Reset will coincide with the WEF’s big meeting in Davos which will take place the 25th through the 29th of January. This is when they will formally launched the Great Reset and we will formally launch the Greater Reset.

Our launch event will be both in person (watch parties are being organized as we speak in Mexico, Austin, TX, and elsewhere) and streaming online at

If you would like to learn more about the Great Reset, I’ve previously covered the mechanics of how the Great Reset is being rolled out and have offered personal solutions to the Great Reset as well as bigger picture solutions.

As you know, I’m all about solutions and that is what the Greater Reset is all about!

We are bringing together and all star line-up of doers and thinkers that will offer solutions on how we can reset the world so its more decentralized and free!

Here are just some of the people that will be presenting at the Great Reset Activation…

Dr. Joseph Mercola (
Dr. Vandana Shiva (Environmental Activist)
Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast)
Rosa Korie (Behind the Green Mask)
James Corbett (The Corbett Report
Christian Westbrook (Ice Age Farmer)

and many more….

Check out the launch video Derrick Broze and I recorded recently for all the awesome details….


Also I recently produced this podcast/video all about decentralization as a counter to the WEF’s centralizing plans.


While the outlook for liberty and personal autonomy may seem bleak, fear not my friends, there are countless people that are waking up and more importantly rising up and opting out of the oligarch’s control paradigm.

We have a wonderful opportunity to create a better world that is based not on control or surveillance but privacy, decentralization, and personal sovereignty.

Be sure to sign up for the Greater Reset newsletter on the site –

Peace and freedom my friends!

John Bush

John Bush is a radical activist, entrepreneur, and father of two based in Austin, TX. He owns Brave Botanicals which offer high quality kratom and CBD and founded the Freedom Cell Network, a mutual aid society intended to help individuals secure their inherent sovereignty.

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  • I have some questions about the Greater Reset Activation event in January, this is the only place I can see is an option to reach out. I joined the channel @thegreaterreset on Telegram and would appreciate the opportunity to ask my questions. If I cannot make it in person, I’d like to know where I can watch and for how much online?

  • Namaste John,

    Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to it’s ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.
    The Declaration of Independence

    If the world wants to be free of all government manufactured dis-ease.
    To be free of all fear, lock downs and individual violence controlled and directed by the State.
    Then politicians should disappear entirely from this planet.
    They are the enemies of humanity.
    Humanity has to be freed from their chains and their presence.
    Humanity is a victim of these power seekers, mad people whose only ambition in life is their ego.
    The whole of politics is nothing but an ego game.
    The politician is not interested in solving problems, they are interested in making them as complex as possible.
    So they become absolutely essential, you need them always.
    The politician is very cunning, they are not clever.
    They substitute cunningness for cleverness.
    They are not wise, because to be wise in this world is to be condemned by the masses and the politician cannot afford that.
    The whole of politics depends on lies.
    They want to keep you always afraid of hidden enemies.
    The exaggerated corona virus crisis is a great example of this, to keep every country locked down in fear and permanent crisis.
    Adolf Hitler has written in his autobiography.
    “Unless you have enemies, you cannot become a great leader.
    Even if you don’t have enemies, create the fiction that your country is in danger, because when people are afraid they are ready to become slaves.
    When people are afraid they are ready to follow politicians.”
    Although he was an insane person, once in a while he made statements which are very significant.
    Become aware!
    In your fear is the politicians power.
    The more they make you afraid, the more powerful they are.
    Outside the country they go on creating fictions, and inside the country they also continue.
    Until they remove all of your freedoms.
    These are the politicians who don’t want to be interfered with, who want absolute control of humanity, where nobody is above them.
    Is nobody interested in human life?
    Continuously around the world people are still believing Covid 19 to be more dangerous than the seasonal flu?
    Is nobody interested in finding out what our priorities should be?
    Politicians certainly need exposure because as far as I can see, if politicians are exposed completely, humanity, for the first time, will be able to be free from politics.
    Wherever there is domination, there is politics.
    Politicians are dominating all of your life not only from outside but from inside.
    Through propaganda and psychology they have become your voice, they have become your mind, they have become your conscience, they have enslaved your very being.
    From inside they go on dominating you, saying what is right, what is wrong.
    If you follow them, you start feeling fearful, divided, neurotic, because you are not following your own nature.
    All these politicians have created for humanity is a situation in which individuals cannot be at ease, they cannot enjoy life, they cannot live it in its totality.
    Let humanity be free from all these sociopathic criminals which have dominated so badly, and distorted human nature so immensely.
    You can see the humanity that is the result.
    You say that a tree is known by its fruits.
    Then your whole past should be judged by the humanity that you find today.
    This insane, divided humanity, miserable, suffering, full of anger, violence, rage, hate.
    This is the result of all your political leaders.
    Remember, humanity is just a collective name.
    There exists no humanity, only individuals.
    Don’t depend on anybody else to save you, only your own work on yourself can do that.
    Individuals have to be politically free, free in every dimension to function out of their own still small voice, out of their own consciousness.
    Mind is blocking the fountain of your intelligence like a rock.
    Intelligence arises only when the mind has been discarded.
    When the mind has been put aside, only then intelligence arises.
    Intelligence is not the quality of the mind at all.
    Mind is always mediocre, mind is always stupid, unintelligent.
    Intelligence is never out of the mind.
    Intelligence is awareness!
    To be in the mind is to be unintelligent.
    To be beyond the mind is to be intelligent.
    All meditation is the search for this intelligence.
    That is the real revolution.
    It is not a philosophy to be understood, it is a transformation to be gone through.
    It is not something like information, it is not even reformation.
    It is total change, it is absolute radical change.
    All divisions have to disappear.
    Human consciousness is one, that has to penetrate deep into our hearts.
    Only then can this world be at peace.
    Live in the present.
    Live in the meditative quality of the present.
    The present is eternal, the present is life itself.
    It is always here and now, an eternal now.
    Live moment to moment.
    Live here and now so that whatever you are doing becomes a meditation.
    Meditation is an attitude not an activity, so whatever you do can become meditative.
    The so-called meditation that many people go on doing is not meditation.
    Meditation is the attitude of being in the present which is the core, the central, the essential thing.
    So be aware.
    Remain in the moment, the moment that is occurring exactly where you are, right this very moment.
    Truth is found not through thinking but through meditation, not through thoughts but through a process of no-thought.
    Remember this: the process of no-thought, which happens only when you are fully aware in the present.
    When one is centered in oneself, one becomes one with the whole of existence.
    This is the only true and authentic ‘Great Reset’

    Humanity is caught up in such a sorry state of affairs.
    There is great power in the hands of the un-elected.
    Sovereign governments controlled by oligarchs, enslaving the people, working for the corporations, and the banks.
    The very people who should not be allowed to possess power.
    This combination of power, greed and ignorance is certain to end in disaster.
    Powerful people that want the whole world to remain divided into rich and poor.
    Their whole effort is to keep you as unintelligent as possible, so those who have power are never questioned, their intentions are never questioned.
    Oligarchs, banks and corporations cannot rule over sovereign governments!
    In the name of democracy something else has been going on.
    Those who are powerful in society do not want any change in the social structure, because their power, interest and exploiting capacity depend on it.
    And humanity has been exploited in every possible way.
    Even their hopes have been exploited, their aspirations have been exploited, their absolutely valid demands have been exploited.
    We are giving so much power, to power hungry people, with our own hands we are asking them to hang us!
    This is not democracy.
    In the name of democracy these people are exploiting us.
    We have to go through a truly radical change.
    What I am proposing is the right way to change the whole structure, so that one day meritocracy can merge into democracy.
    I call it meritocracy, because it will depend on merit.
    It will not be a political system, it will not have any political parties.
    People will be running for posts on their own merit.
    And each individual will decide on their own, because no political party will be pressurizing them.
    There will be no political party at all, individual to individual.
    Anybody who is chosen is chosen because of their merit.
    Direct meritocracy is the answer for all our problems.
    People should stand on their own merit.
    Merit should be the only decisive point.
    We have geniuses in every field, but you don’t find those geniuses becoming prime ministers or presidents.
    But they can become presidents and prime ministers if there are no political parties.
    Then their sheer merit will be enough, and nobody will even be capable of competing with them.
    They will not have to go to beg for votes, they will be chosen unanimously.
    We have so many people of great merit, but they should not become part of any political party, they should not degrade themselves.
    To become part of a political party and beg for votes while making false promises which cannot be fulfilled, is not the way.
    Only the third-class people, very mediocre people, become part of political parties, the best remain out.
    Actually only the most capable and intelligent should be the ones who manage the society.
    The world will be far better if we are in the hands of intelligent, independent people, creative people who do not want to destroy, whose intelligence won’t allow them to do all the stupid things that politicians go on doing.
    Power should always be in the hands of the more alert, more aware, more conscious people.
    Otherwise, this power is going to destroy the whole of humanity.
    It is time to understand the whole situation.
    We have to prevent politicians from going on playing the same criminal games.
    Because behind the masks of democracy is a cunning, criminal political system.
    These people who call themselves democratic and think that they are protectors of democracy in the world are really imperialistic.
    These governments pretend to be democratic, but are not.
    We can all now see that this so called democracy is only a mask, and behind it are sociopathic politicians controlling fascist governments.
    These governments should be exposed to the whole world, because the whole world has been believing that they are in a democracy.
    Why should there be a political party?
    There is no reason for political parties to exist.
    If you need a finance minister, then just look at the great experts you have in economics and finance, the Max Keiser’s of the world who can be nominated for the post, and can be chosen for the post.
    There is no need for any political party.
    We should move from party politics to individuals, from democracy, from dictatorship to meritocracy.
    Every individual who is eligible to vote should choose the person who will represent the ministerial position without any political party programming him, forcing him or bribing him.
    Individuals should stand, and individuals should choose, and the choice should be on merit.
    Your political system should be an election of merit, alternative media can play a tremendously valuable role in explaining to individuals the merit of different people who are contesting.
    It is possible to use blockchain with a process of enhanced online security, to guarantee free, honest and fair elections, thus securely and permanently recording every individuals vote online directly.
    The people can collectively decide by referendum on what issues to directly vote on, which individuals to represent them, which ones to remove, such as individuals who have become disloyal to the people, (lets have a vote on breaking up all plutocratic MSM propaganda outlets), also which individuals to prosecute for behaving criminally, whether they are selling weapons to rogue nations, or interfering in the affairs of other sovereign nations, or are creating illegal wars and genocide.
    Lets not forget the issue of how to deal with all the war criminals of the last 50 years!
    People don’t understand that you may get out of one system of fascist political imprisonment, and while you are dancing and singing and celebrating, another imprisonment is being created for you by your new political leaders who are promising you a better life, a better world, a better humanity.
    This has been going on for centuries.
    It needs to stop, we urgently need a new kind of government.
    A new process, of direct meritocracy, where merit should be the only criterion.
    Only then can governments exist as accountable functional units, which are not ruled by politicians but run by people of intelligence and merit.
    And of course without any lobbying or donations, possibly with all ministerial posts on three year contracts and a maximum service of two terms.
    Politicians have already done enough harm to humanity, it is time to forever show them the door.

  • John, my freedom cellers and I are so excited about the upcoming activation event, but you need to get a specific time listed! Thanks, Tom Armstrong

  • Posting this in several places so I hope John B will get it. Jaxx Liberty wallet is reporting that the Litecoin (LTC) wallet address for donations on freedomcells and the greater reset is an invalid address. Wanna give. Fix it and I’ll try again.

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